stand up comedy solo program (70 minutes)
Austria 2005-2008

with: Alice Frick
directed by: Julia Frick

Wie muss man es anstellen, um im Leben aufzufallen, statt hinzufallen?
Wenn man aber den Dreh endlich heraußen hat, ist alles nur noch cool – außer man ist Legastheniker und fährt mitten in der Nacht in eine Polizeikontrolle…
Ein Programm vom nicht ganz geglückten Alltag, der jeden Tag von neuem beginnt… aber im Endeffekt macht alles Sinn… wenn man bis zum Endeffekt kommt…

winner of audience award at comedy competition “Kleinkunstvogel” in Graz, Austria 2006

performed at competitions in Austria & Germany:

  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Kleinkunstvogel”, Graz 2006, winner of audience award
  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Goldener Kleinkunstnagel”, Vienna 2006, finale
  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Hirschwanger Wuchtel” 2006, finale
  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Münchner Kabarettkaktus” 2006
  • Cindy’s Talentschmiede 2007, finale
  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Bierstindler Röhre” 2007, finale
  • Kabarettwettbewerb “Schmähtterling” 2008, finale

performed in Austria & Germany at:

  • Theater Akzent, Wien
  • Spektakel, Wien
  • Schmäh Stadl – Der beste Comedy Club Österreichs
  • Kulisse, Wien
  • Gruam, Wien
  • Brennessel, Wien
  • Theater am Alsergrund, Wien
  • Kabarett und Comedy Festival, Krems
  • Quatsch Comedy Club, Berlin
  • Quatsch Comedy Club, Hamburg
  • Studentenfestival Cottbus
  • Brücke, Graz
  • Three Monkeys, Graz
  • Theatercafé Hin und Wider, Graz
  • Casino Graz
  • Café Corsa, Tirol

special performances:

  • UNESCO, Volkstheater Wien, 2007
  • Arbeitsmedizinisches Institut, Niederösterreich, 2007
  • Facility Management Austria, 2008
  • Arbeiterkammer Wien, 2008


“She is 22 years young and chats effortlessly from the seat of her stoolabout her real-life experiences. From a less than perfect day, as shewisely notes, “pulse above 50 – kiss thinking goodbye” to trickysituations from daily life, and less than desirable “maybe next time”scenarios. However, these events may happen to her, she is sure to take pleasure in the laughs and joy that accompany them. Alice Frick, most recently the recipient of the public award at the 20thanniversary of the Austrian performing arts event, Kleinkunstvogel, in Graz, studies Business Law at Vienna University of Economics andBusiness Administration. The intent lies in case of an emergency, if aprofession as a female entertainer when all is said and done shouldn’t suffice. Indeed, this does her little justice, since the active engagement of the young performer leaves few wishes unfulfilled. Herfirst solo on-stage repertoire, Lesson Learned, in the faithful tradition of renowned stand-up comedians, is witty and refreshingly spontaneous.”
Werner Rosenberger, Kurier, 2006

“Among the audience in Graz she unleashed tidal waves of unmatched enthusiasm and thanks to such a performance grasped the Public award ofthe event. This promising, young star is witty, spontaneous, and clearlyhas much wisdom to impart from her life as a student, which one plainly cannot invent out of the blue.”
Silvia Lahner, Ö1, 2006