Laughing Labia Show (2 hours), monthly comedy night 

Laughing Labia is an all-female comedy and cabaret show. We are proud and happy with our diverse line-up. Women are funny and great entertainers with their unique backgrounds. Diversity is mostly emphasised in our show. Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities and cultural identity – we want to show that entertainment can be so much funnier, richer and deeper than represented on TV and in the media.

This show premiered in 2012 in London, starring over 200 different female comedians.
Founded and hosted by Alice Frick.

The Anti Self-Help Show (55min), Comedy Solo Show, 2023
Good things will happen. Maybe not to you, but they will happen! Award-winning Austrian comedian, Alice Frick, has tried out every piece of self-help advice available and is now the (Anti) Self-Help expert. In this show, you will learn why it’s good to not face your fear, how to say yes (and no) and what to do when you find out your inner child is a grumpy teenager. ‘Alice’s sense of humour is brilliant. She makes me laugh every time’ (Alice’s therapist).

The Anti Self-Help Book (2022)
What happens after you’ve read every self-help book available?
Will you be healed, enlightened and never get a parking ticket again? Austrian comedian, Alice Frick, spent one year exploring the most popular pieces of self-help advice before summing them up in this book.
Inside you’ll learn . . .

  • why it’s good if you don’t face your fears;
  • how to pole dance with a broken heart;
  • and what to do when you find out your inner child is a grumpy teenager.

Buy this book and good things will happen! Maybe not to you, but they will happen.

A Frickin’ Crazy Year, (45min), Comedy Solo Show, 2021
A stolen backpack, a break-up and a global pandemic: Austrian’s most famous (and only) lesbian is ready to become British.
The funniest comedy show ever written was saved on the laptop in the stolen backpack. So come and see this show instead!

What the Frick, Web-series 2018-2020

Lisl Frick, escapes the Alps to follow a few of her favourite things: doing comedy and being openly gay. Thinking that London needs another comedian, she breaks free from her conservative parents, who want her to take over the family business and get married to her cousin Hansl (Gatis Kandis, known from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’) and ventures to London.

Chasing her dream, wide-eyed Lisl gets distracted by flatmate Kelly, a wild American party animal, who gives her advice on the British culture, and constantly leads her in awkward predicaments. It is not long before a lovesick Hansl racks her down…

The first season is out as a web series and available on YouTube.

A sitcom written by and starring Alice Frick.

Shop of Little Pleasures, (93min) feature film, 2017


Emma is an unemployed housewife, who’s children have grown up and moved out. When she finds out that her husband is looking for his sexual awaking, doing this by having an affair with another women, Emma takes over a neon-lit sex-shop that she turns into an erotic boutique for women. This journey leads her into an adventure with a group of other women who are all looking for their own sexual awaking.

Festival awards: Best Supporting Actress (Waltraut Haas), Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017, Best Foreign Film, LA Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2017, Directors Board Award, North Carolina Film Awards 2017, Best International Fiction Feature, Lanus Film Festival, Argentinien 2017, Best Production Design, FELACOS Long and Short Film Festival, Chile 2017, Best Supporting Actress (Waltraut Haas) & Best Costumes Design in a Feature Film, South Film and Arts Academy, Chile 2018, Nominierung NDR Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2018

Alice was the co-writer, co-producer & actress in a supporting role.


Postmodern Times

Postmodern Times (9min), short film 2011

Festival awards: Bear in Bronze, Festival of Nations 2012, Golden Diana and Award for Best Austrian Film, International Film Festival of non commercial Film, 2011

Alice was the female lead.

Apple Juice

Watch Online

Apple Juice – Life as a Stand Up Comedian / 22min / 2013 / documentary / short

with and about Alice’s stand up performances at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.


Icebound / 15min / 2006 /  fiction / short / festival award: Golden Diana 2007

Alice was the female lead.


deli.Moment / 8min / 2005 / fiction / short / festival award: Bronze Diana 2007

Alice was the female lead