exuberant… perfectly pitched”Three Weeks
witty and refreshingly spontaneous”Austrian News
funny, smooth, and absolutely original”FM4 Radio Austria
Headlining the night was the brilliantly mellifluous Alice Frick – who expertly analysed the logistics of a threesome with an enviable charm that wrapped up the night perfectly”G&B Comedy, Ross Smith
Austrian actress, writer and stand up comedian Alice Frick took the microphone and delighted us with her brilliant selection of jokes and lines on being an Austrian abroad, also showcasing great improv abilities when one member of the public started interacting with her on an off topic. Frick is a natural born comedian whose stage presence adds likability to a character who guarantees a great deal of fresh, hilarious entertainment.”Gessica Puglielli - Rebel Rebel Music Magazine, Her Voice


devised play (2011)

5 Star Press Review for theater play “Blue Beard Babes”

“This devised piece uses the familiar framework of a play within a play to tell the story of Henry the Eighth’s six wives. Six female actors await Hal, their director, to start work on a new piece. When he doesn’t arrive, they begin alone – using his notes to assign the roles and discover the story. We see glimpses of each woman’s life, and her relationship with the ever-absent Hal, as their work continues.

There are some very neat parallels between each actor and the role she is playing. Hannah (Romina Boldasu), who plays flighty young Catherine Howard, is having a wild affair and taking drugs; while Alexandra (Alice Frick), who plays Henry’s first wife Catherine of Aragon, is spending all her money on IVF, desperate for a child.
The final result is a subtle and moving piece about female friendships and rivalries, which includes a history refresher as an added bonus.”

Fringe Guru, 2011


comedy sketch show (2010)

“WHAT THE FRICK? John Morris sits down for stand up Austrian comedian Alice Frick who gets Vienna laughing!
Stand up Austrian comedian Alice Frick fresh from a tour of California, the secret 10th Austrian Province courtesy of Styrian-born Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, held the attention of a packed Akzent Theater in Vienna’s 4th district last week.
“This was the best comedy show I have seen for ages,” said Viennese visitor Hilde Grüber echoing how many of the audience felt. There was a buzz of expectation in the auditorium waiting for the second half of the stand up comedy show which saw the young Austrian female comedian Alice Frick lead the “Sketch me if you can!”
The puns and jokes rolled effortlessly as Frick’s forthright humour caused the belly muscles of the majority to strain with laughter. “There are 3 ways of getting a job as an Austrian actress,” proclaimed Frick, “as a waitress, porno star or as Governor of California. I’m a great porno star in Austria… no I’m not… I’m not that big!”
Supported by her father’s credit card Frick has taken the US by surprise! “I learned to falsify my father’s credit card signature before I could write… it was the best thing I ever learned from my mother.”
Alice Frick has a refreshing street wise humour that really hits the mark, claimed one critic of Austrian comedy: “She is actually very funny.”The cabaret last week was excellent and I can thoroughly recommend going along to Frick’s next rendition of her infectious special humour.”

John Morris, AustrianTimes, 2010


stand up comedy show (2006)

“She is 22 years young and chats effortlessly from the seat of her stoolabout her real-life experiences. From a less than perfect day, as shewisely notes, “pulse above 50 – kiss thinking goodbye” to trickysituations from daily life, and less than desirable “maybe next time” scenarios. However, these events may happen to her, she is sure to take pleasure in the laughs and joy that accompany them. Alice Frick, most recently the recipient of the public award at the 20thanniversary of the Austrian performing arts event, Kleinkunstvogel, in Graz, studies Business Law at Vienna University of Economics andBusiness Administration. The intent lies in case of an emergency, if aprofession as a female entertainer when all is said and done shouldn’t suffice. Indeed, this does her little justice, since the active engagement of the young performer leaves few wishes unfulfilled. Herfirst solo on-stage repertoire, Lesson Learned, in the faithful tradition of renowned stand-up comedians, is witty and refreshingly spontaneous.”

Werner Rosenberger, Kurier, 2006

“Among the audience in Graz she unleashed tidal waves of unmatched enthusiasm and thanks to such a performance grasped the Public award ofthe event. This promising, young star is witty, spontaneous, and clearlyhas much wisdom to impart from her life as a student, which one plainly cannot invent out of the blue.”

Silvia Lahner, Ö1, 2006