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Sitcom Fundraiser

After the sitcom pilot “What the Frick” got selected at the UK Webfest 2018, Alice started her fundraiser for shooting more episodes. Find all the information on gofundme:

“I am a stand-up comedian from Austria, based in London, where I  have developed a sitcom, based on my comedy solo shows.

The sitcom is about Austrian Lisl Frick, who escapes the Alps to follow a few of her favourite things: doing comedy and being openly gay. Thinking that London needs another comedian, she breaks free from her conservative parents, who want her to take over the family business and get married to her cousin Hansl and ventures to London.

I think my sitcom idea is worth developing because it conveys a message without being preachy and uses humour to connect with the audience.

Prejudices due to sexuality or nationality should be addressed and brought to people’s attention via as many mediums and outlets as possible. I believe that comedy is a very powerful tool to engage people with topics often considered as uncomfortable, taboo or heavy. This sitcom will enable audiences to rethink and re-evaluate their attitudes towards nationality and sexuality.

“What the Frick” is a sitcom that is original and highly entertaining with strong characters that play well off each other. The actors in the  web-pilot are all people I have previously worked with in comedy and cabaret. They have great comedic timing and character work .

Besides performing, my personal strength lies in storytelling. I have written and produced various short films and a multi-award winning comedy feature film called “Shop of little Pleasures”. This film has been in the official selection of over 17 international film festivals (e.g. Montreal, Austin, Sydney), has won 12 prizes up to this point and has just been released to the cinemas in Austria (with 9.2/10 stars on imdb).

I have written 6 episodes of the sitcom, in two versions: on the one hand a TV sitcom format with 25 minutes an episode and on the other hand a web series format with 10 minutes an episode. To produce the web format myself I need 2,000 pounds per episodes which includes

production: rental lights and camera, sound recordist, director of photography,  make-up artist, catering, travel expenses

and post production: editing, sound mixing, composing of music, colour correction, marketing, festival fees

If it is possible to get more than 2,000 I would be able to shoot more episodes. To shoot the whole season I need a budget of 10,000 pound to be able to pay everyone and use proper equipment.

The pilot episode can be found on youtube:

If you have any questions, want to be on set or involved in the production please feel free to get in contact with me on:

Thank you very much for your time and support,


Sitcom Fundraiser