stand up comedy & film sketches show, Vienna 2010
season 1 (four episodes) & season 2 (three episodes)
90 minutes each episode
host of the show & stand up comedy: Alice Frick
concept: Alice & Julia Frick

This multimedia show combines stand up comedy, traditional cabaret, theatrical and musical elements with film sketches. Host of the show is Alice Frick, who invited two guests in each of the four shows. Four sold out evenings and hilarious press commentaries indicate a great demand for multimedia-based entertainment shows like this.

dates & guests (season 1, vienna, spring 2010):

Mo., 25. Jan. 2010: Tanja Ghetta, Bernhard Ludwig
Mo., 22. Feb. 2010: Anny Hartmann, Michael Auernigg
Mo., 22. March 2010: Eva D., Michael Schuller
Mo., 26. April 2010: Die seichten Mädchen, Ludwig W. Müller

cartoonist: Michael Wittmann

dates & guests (season 2, vienna, fall 2010):

Mi., 22. Sept. 2010: Eva D. & Martin Kratochwil, F.R.O.H. – Sabine Kunz & Rainer Obkircher
Mi., 20. Oct. 2010: Web Elli, Nina Hartmann
Mi., 24. Nov. 2010: RaDeschnig, Tanja Ghetta, Niko Formanek


“wenn Alice Frick also von ihren ganz persönlichen erlebnissen in L.A. zu erzählen beginnt, dann ist dies nicht bloß ein warming-up oder anmoderieren für die geladenen kaberettistInnen, sondern stand-up comedy in reinform.”
Markus Freiler,, 04.04.2010

“Stand up Austrian comedian Alice Frick fresh from a tour of California, the secret 10th Austrian Province courtesy of Styrian-born Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, held the attention of a packed Akzent Theater in Vienna’s 4th district last week.”
“This was the best comedy show I have seen for ages,” said Viennese visitor Hilde Grüber echoing how many of the audience felt. There was a buzz of expectation in the auditorium waiting for the second half of the stand up comedy show which saw the young Austrian female comedian Alice Frick lead the “Sketch me if you can!”
The puns and jokes rolled effortlessly as Frick’s forthright humour caused the belly muscles of the majority to strain with laughter. “There are 3 ways of getting a job as an Austrian actress,” proclaimed Frick, “as a waitress, porno star or as Governor of California. I’m a great porno star in Austria… no I’m not… I’m not that big!”
Alice Frick has a refreshing street wise humour that really hits the mark, claimed one critic of Austrian comedy: “She is actually very funny.”
The cabaret last week was excellent and I can thoroughly recommend going along to Frick’s next rendition of her infectious special humour.”
John Morris,, 03.03.2010